The Shat
Highly Effective Solution
For Tough Stains
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Biodegradable & Non- Toxic. Safely clean surafce, greece, food, dirt, Coffee or any type of stains.


Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Residential & Commercial Use

Earth Power's mission is to enhance human health, wellness, and environmental sustainability through cutting-edge cleaning solutions free from harmful chemicals. Effortlessly tackle stubborn stains on hardwood, carpets, tiles, and fabrics with its potent formula. Unleash the might of American ingenuity and reclaim your space with this remarkable, heavy-duty cleaning solution.

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Environment Friendly
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Product Overview

The Shat

100% Biodegradable Components

Provides a Deep Cleaning

All-In-One Universal Cleaner

Cleans Fabrics, Carpet, Grout, Tile, Steel, Laminate, and more

Remove Pet Odor

Safe to Use for Daily Cleaning

The SHAT- 32 Oz Spray Bottle
Introducing The Shat- Ultimate cleaning solution for high-traffic industrial areas. Our powerful 32 fl oz spray effortlessly removes stubborn stains from hardwood, carpet, tiles, and fabric. Designed for apartment complexes, large stadiums, and major building...
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this cleaning spray effectively remove mildew from surfaces?

You spray it on and wipe it with water.

Can this spray eliminate stubborn odors, such as those caused by mildewand nicotine?

Yes, and if fact, it can do better than that, it can remove nicotine off walls.

Is it safe to use thiscleaning spray on painted walls and furniture without causing damage?

Yes, it is very gentle on painted walls and furniture.

Does this spray work well on removing stains from various surfaces,including walls and carpets?

Yes. I can boldly state it removes stains from all type of surfaces and carpet.

Can I use this cleaning spray on grout to remove tough stains effectively?

Yes, scrub the stain with a toothbrush and wipe the dirt right off.It cuts scrubbing by 90%.Try it.

Will this spray harmfabrics or upholstery when used to clean them?

NO, it is safe on fabrics. Wash with warm water after applying.

Is it safe to use this spray on delicate fabrics like comforters and blankets?

Yes, using Shat on comforters and blankets is safe.Wash any times with warm water after

Can I use the Shat on every surface?

You can use the Shat on most surface EXCEPT metal.  You can use Shat on metal but if you don’t
rinse it off it might corrode the metal.

Can I use the Shat in a mop bucket?

Yes, however, if you leave the Shat in the water for several days and the mop is in there, the metal part of the mop will get damaged.

Does this spray leaveany residue behind after cleaning surfaces and fabrics?

No, if you spray adequately, and Yes, if you over spray it.If that should happen, be sure to wash the fabric with warm water.